"As a business imperative, companies that don’t effectively address the disability business case will absolutely and unquestionably lose out financially".

"As a result of legislative pressures, operational costs and negative stakeholder perceptions combined with the commercial need to differentiate by adding more brand value, having a clearly defined ROI strategy is the only way forward in leveraging additional revenue from a growing customer base with an annual spend in excess of £91 billion."

– Michael McGrath

Michael works with organisations that recognise and value difference – he brings:

  • A unique insight in helping companies profit from the growing disability market
  • A strategic perspective in how to drive commercial value from the disabled pound
  • Experience of creating new revenue streams
  • An understanding of how companies can better serve the needs of disabled consumers
  • Knowledge of the legislative landscape, specifically DDA phase III and what you have to do
  • An ability to uplift organisational confidence and communicate with credibility
  • Experience of working with global brands that are trusted and respected
  • An established profile, business acumen and a results-focused approach
  • Experience as a positive media commentator

"Michael has made a significant impact in the area of disability for Hilton’s internal and external stakeholders, a valuable contribution that has led to a much greater understanding of the needs of, and matters affecting, disabled guests throughout the Hilton estate. Michael has at all times been professional in his dealings with our business; he has a unique and engaging style and has been a tremendous brand ambassador.

Michael has represented the Hilton brand in both Europe and the Middle East, actively participating at a number of exhibitions (making personal appearances) and major industry events including both the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) in Berlin where he planned and led the first ever breakout session (approved by the IHIF Advisory Board) titled “How to Maximize Revenue and Mitigate Risk in the Disability Market Segment?"

Ian Carter, CEO, Hilton Hotels

How could my organisation work with Michael McGrath?

  1. As an inspirational speaker to support a conference or event
  2. On an advisory basis in seeking to drive commercial value from disability
  3. As a disability champion, supporting your companies diversity strategy
  4. As a brand ambassador, reinforcing your organisational values
  5. As an performance catalyst, motivating and inspiring your employees

What additional value can Michael McGrath bring to my business?

  1. Strong engagement abilities in motivating and inspiring change
  2. Insight into how to expand your performance potential
  3. Ability to influence both behavioural and cultural change
  4. Enable your company to have an independent voice in the area of inclusion
  5. A passionate positive outlook with an infectious can-do spirit