There are probably 100’s of actions for inspiration, there’s no right or wrong one! There’s no magic formula! The actions below simply reflect some of my thoughts on what inspiration means to me – no more, no less!

If you wish to apply these in your world, that’s wonderful but either way, I’m glad you took a step in reaching out, in perhaps looking for a different view, an answer or maybe just a little injection of inspiration to help you along life’s journey, something we all need from time to time … hope you waiting too long, because if you were, inspiration may have just passed you by, but then again… maybe you’ve been busy inspiring others!

1) Guess what, even a small dose of inspiration for those moments when you need it most can help uplift – it may be a look, a smile, a gesture or simply a few words

2) Be enthusiastic about all that you do, and the many possibilities that lie ahead

3) Live by your highest principles – meaning, try to consistently act in accordance with what you believe your life is about – belief is a very powerful tonic!

4) Never look back – stop and ask yourself if you are becoming the person today that you know you can be tomorrow – try it, not once or twice but every day!

5) Engage yourself with purpose – I’m always saying to my daughter on at least a weekly basis, be the best you can be (to begin with she used to roll her eyes, now I know she absolutely gets it) – #veryprouddad

6) We all have times when troubles enter our lives, when things are sent to challenge us, when things are hard, difficult, complicated etc – life isn’t easy! Have a little courage, be brave, be strong and keep moving forwards

7) I know I said 6 key actions for inspiration but this last one is helping me be a better person in I hope inspiring others on their journey – put simply, I think there’s a link between being really inspired by someone or perhaps something like a fantastic film or an incredibly uplifting piece of music that leaves you utterly inspired and more often than not happy in that moment. But remember, the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way

…so promise me not to wait for inspiration next time
…but simply …be the inspiration …that you are.