To what extent can one person influence or directly affect human behaviour so as to accomplish a goal? Some leaders have an innate ability to naturally lead, whereas others learn about the attributes and qualities associated with leadership.

Leadership works through people and culture, whilst management works through hierarchy and systems real leaders inspire action in others; they are often magnetic people. Real leaders think and behave differently; they infuse energy and eagerness into their team. Real leaders must give direction, provide inspiration, build teams, set an example and most of all, be accepted and distinct nuances not found in management.

Real leaders have the competence to motivate in adversity; leadership in Michael’s world is not simply about motivating people to be more effective and efficient but about being visible and outcome-focused. Seeing the big-picture, listening to all ideas, communicating clearly, being mindful of difference whilst having the ability to charismatically motivate in ultimately finding a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen. Michael’s trait of optimism is a classic leadership quality that continues to drive him forwards and few pessimists ever become great leaders!