As the first disabled person in the world to have successfully led expeditions to both the North and South Poles, Michael passionately believes that improving an individual’s performance through inspiration, results in greater performance for the team, company and for the individual.

The feeling that inspiration gives us is often described within the body as having an elevated energy and enthusiasm. Successfully reaching two of the most inhospitable places on earth is in itself remarkable and inspiring; what is all the more remarkable is the fact that despite his adversity, Michael’s story focuses in part on his enormous mental energy but also his unique ability to create what he calls a ‘shift in state’ in others towards a place that is ‘inspirational’.

His story is not just about where he draws his own day-to-day inspiration but also why real inspiration can be a great catalyst for change. It is about our individual ability to make a difference in others, no matter what our limitations. Despite most people in Michael’s life saying that it would be impossible (“you can’t do that”), despite the probabilities, the enormous odds and the utter disbelief from those in the medical world who understand the physiological risks associated with extreme cold and muscular dystrophy – if we believe in something strongly enough and critically, can inspire others to believe, then absolutely anything is possible.